Our Story

‘RAVISH MEHRA DEEPAK KALRA’ is a design studio based in Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi, India. The studio consists of a young and energetic team eager to explore design by a multitude of means. As a practice, we have always been determined to get out there and explore rather than staying in a creative cocoon. A long-term interest in understanding consumer behavior- what entices people- created insights, on which imaginative and innovative proposals can be built. This lead to our strong belief of consumer centric design. We strive to achieve a perfect harmony of function, human psyche, environment & aspirations integrated together aesthetically.

Our philosophy is based on responses to nature, resources and the ever-evolving being. ‘Think Globally, design locally’ a statement made by Rodney Fitch has truly driven our journey. We have been leading in the field of Design, since 1979. The partnership practice is based on the expertise of Mr. Ravish Mehra and Mr. Deepak Kalra, architects with over 35 years of involvement with creating built environment, structures and interiors for commercial, business, industrial, hospitality, residential and special purpose environment.

Ravish Mehra

Partner (ravish.mehra@rmdk.in)

Deepak Kalra

Partner (deepak.kalra@rmdk.in)
Design Team