Almond House, Himayat Nagar, Hyderabad

India is known for its sweets and spices and the preparation of Indian sweets is an art that has developed over centuries. Almond House, inventors of the legendary almond biscotti, is one of the oldest brands of traditional Indian sweets in Hyderabad and enjoys a strong reputation not just in their city but countrywide.

The intention was to carry the legacy forward, keeping the old values and aesthetic expressions yet finding modern and contemporary means to express it. What was achieved was an artfully curated space, reflective of a well-traveled host who appreciates culture and history, and appealing not only to their patrons but also the metropolitan customer. The design was meant to reveal brand values – passion, confidence, but also to encompass the essence of the products – freshness and simplicity.

As one enters, they are welcomed with a unique, somber design that takes one back in time. The challenge was to mix traditional styles with new elements and so a simple palette of materials was formed that included lots of wrought iron work along with warm, rustic finishes with just a touch of gold to add the richness linked to traditions.

The front facade is an amalgam of traditional design with modernized elements. Metal columns and balusters create an extension to the existing arched building facade on the upper floors; framing a modish interior through full height glass facades. Wall display shelves with minimal framework against textured stone walls allow the rustic character to flow through.
Service counters are done in three ways, giving each area its respective importance while pertaining to the theme of modern traditionalism. The wrought iron girders back-lit with a jaali inspired by Indian diyas, the exposed ceiling add to the balanced contemporary look.
The vast central space allows all the elements to be experienced in tandem with each other creating a wholesome experience.

The store is divided into three sections- natural ice-creams, sweets and premium sweets. Each of the three sections has a distinguished character in a formal coherent concept. The unifying element of this space is wood and brick, along with various finishes, aiming to differentiate volumes and functions. The premium sweets area is ornamented with patterned monochromatic flooring with a paneled ceiling with the warmth of wood and gold in all it’s fixtures. Dark finishes, graceful forms and warm luxuries materials create a sense of relaxed contemporary elegance. The general selling area gives a look of a carefully organised and clean space. A visitor entering the store easily gets a view of the variety of products that are being sold. A luxurious premium section has been complimented by an industrial looking ceiling of the sweets section.