The interior revolved around the name HERITAGE, recreating the weaving environment using typical detailing, enticing the customer into a relaxed yet dramatic shopping experience.
The elevation is designed to stand out in an otherwise organically evolved market space, making a bold and clear statement. The entire facade made of burnt bricks serves as a strong backdrop for a logo in copper sheen that dominates one’s first visual impression.

As one enters they are greeted with a multilayered multicolored screen of threads, glass and metal alphabets from the word Heritage in two different languages, translating the art of weaving into interior hardware.

Beyond this, one walks into an impactful masculine environment that allows each garment to be experienced as a piece of art.
Close attention has been paid in detailing using all materials in their true and honest form- rusted iron, reclaimed wood with elements of polished and rustic copper to support the theme.

The heritage atmosphere is further enhanced by using reclaimed parts of old Looms, traditionally used in weaving textile, suspended from the ceiling to weave the display space with its threads. The staircase has been suspended by metal cables with rusted iron and copper fixtures.

A solid reclaimed wooden counter with all its cracks and knots sits in the center of the space under a large customized light installation made of copper. Garment display system made with reclaimed wood and copper detailing further add to the charm of the space.

Furniture: I’m The Centre for Applied Arts