Located in the heart of the historic city of Lucknow, HSJ is designed as a balanced mix of traditional and contemporary that exudes lavishness and warmth, perfectly embodying the concept of ‘where art meets luxury’. Spread over an area of above 10,000 sq. ft., it covers two levels. The ground level is demarcated for Gold and the upper level for Diamond and Silver products.

Built as an introverted vault, the solid sandstone facade makes a bold statement with an elegant surface detailing in gold steel. The entrance is marked by a delicate 30 feet high glass door which opens into a reception area with a customized elliptical red glass elevator wrapped by the spiral staircase as an iconic centerpiece. The path to the elevator has been pronounced by colorful floor inlays, inspired by traditional Meenakari craft.

Every element in this retail space is detailed as a piece of jewellery. Display systems are designed to ensure each jewel stands out. Plush furniture and chandeliers have been detailed to look like installations themselves. The color palette eloquently binds these elements while niftily complementing the displayed products.

The Boutique Gold Section sees a predominant use of hues of reds. A 40’ by 40’ hand painted ceiling lends a theatrical touch to an otherwise silent space. Each ornate display frame is designed to look like an antique maestro painting. The Daily Wear Gold Section follows a simpler color scheme of white and gold with the reception feature wall inspired by pearls. The diamond section uses hues of Blue. The semi-precious stones and white origami floral displays convert each product into a work of exhibit. The silver section in hues of purple, is designed in a minimal language to accommodate the chunkiness of silverware while enriching the whole retail experience.

Photography: Ankush Maria
Furniture and Accessories: I’m The Centre for Applied Arts