Located in the New Delhi’s main shopping district, Select City Walk, RMDK designed a store expressing the world of L’AFFAIRE, a brand known to celebrate the Indian garment, a saree. The interior for this store revolved around the brands ideology that is continuously innovating and evolving towards the future while preserving its tradition. Keeping this in mind the space highlights aspects of traditional and contemporary design in equal harmony.

Elegant, daring and unique with a touch of Zen is how we chose to create this store. The primary color scheme followed in the interiors is tones of whites mustards and browns, that adds a certain aura to the space, mesmerizing the visitor with its refined elegance.

God lies in details. At this store, whether it is the walls or the furnishings, every nook and corner is a visual story that speaks of its local flavour. Age old technique of paint with gold salts and special pigmentation have been used on walls with rubbing and polishing to give it a very smooth, semi glossy finish. These pale golden walls combined with an ochre floor with brass inlays and a pastel coloured drapery adorning the back wall takes one into a world of beauty poetry and surprise.

Located in a country where handcrafted art is still practiced and celebrated, special attention was paid in using our local craft in a contemporary setting. A large tree of life artwork developed in silk and copper at the entrance, local motifs subtly infused with the minimal interiors serving as the only forms of adornment reflects the designer’s vision to create a minimal meditative space but also his passion for Indian craftsmanship.

Furniture: I’m The Centre for Applied Arts