Located in Siliguri, West Bengal, Beekay Plaza is a 10,500 Sq. Meter commercial complex. The nine storeyed multi-purpose complex includes retail shopping mall, offices, hotel rooms and banquet spaces. Proposed for Beekay Auto, the design was conceptualized with an aim of achieving sustainable running costs.

Choice of site was made such that it was out of the eco-sensitive and heritage zones of the city, and in close proximity of bus stop, eaily accessible by public transport. The E-W orientation makes the building least susceptible to heat gain during daytime.

Conscious design choices were made from conceptualization to detailing of structure. Excavation of topsoil is minimized by utilizing the natural slope of site in designing basements. The linearity of the built form allowed air to flow through the enclosed spaces. Openings on the North and South facing facades provide multiple entry points from natural air with lobby cut-outs allowing proper ventilation between floors. The natural environment permeates through the skin of this shopping mall in Siliguri. It creates an engaging envelope that allows light to filter through the louvered design.

The facade which is the building’s most prominent feature creates an inviting glow from within at night. The double skin facade on the East and West sides is a parametric rendition of horizontal louvers used for shading from angular sun. The Southern facade is lined with bay windows to achieve maximum natural light inside.