The design of this building digs deeper into the art of jewellery making drawing inspiration from the process of selting. The beauty of GOLD as an entity was highlighted as an object of desire.
The HSJ showroom is a deconstructivist interpretation of gold-smelting, a key process involved in the fabrication of jewellery.

The site for the showroom is an ‘L’ shaped plot with the longer side facing a residential road, and the narrowest side facing the 4-lane arterial road. Thus, the possibility for drawing the crowd’s attention through an architectural gesture was very limited.

Hence the design language had to be bold, so as to grab the attention of passer-bies in the narrow window of couple of seconds when the building is in their line of sight. The showroom stands as a G+3 cuboidal block with no fenestation, except for the main entrance on the longer elevation. From the outside the building was intended to evoke a feeling of a vault like solidity and impenetrability. This corrensponds to the pre-requisite for the security of the showroom. The cuboidl block was carved out along the corner facing the crossroads, which is the only portion of the building visible to the traffic.