The complete thought process was to be one with nature. The entire design of the house is to be read along with its surrounding greens. The spontaneity and free expression is visible everywhere. The whole approach is very simple but straight lined with accents.

Essentially beige floors, white walls, rectangular geometries, very clean spaces define the house. Color is visible in art, in upholstery and graphics. The natural rocks amidst the lush green landscape with a created water body have been very intricately woven with the ‘insides’ of the house.

Tall glazings, large glasses offer very picturesque views, each different from the other maintaining a certain mysterious quality. Besides the experience and the aesthetics, the house combines contemporary architecture with high performance sustainable design. Built at a modest scale, with insulated walls, energy efficient window systems and a large dedicated solar panel area, the house is intended to minimize energy consumption.

Furniture: I’m The Centre for Applied Arts